Just purchased a new car, or wanting to give your current a makeover? At MADinc in Perth, we are not only XPEL and GYEON quartz Certified for the best protection for your car’s exterior but we also offer the Premium Window Tinting from LLUMAR

As many know, our Australian climate is harsh with many summer days hitting as higher than 40°C here in Western Australia! Imagine how much heat is trapped in your car during these periods, making it not only uncomfortable to drive, but risking your interior of fading and cracking from the harsh UV.

Using a high quality window tint film such as the LLUMAR will not only provide you with privacy and improve the appearance of your vehicle but it will also substantially reduce the amount of infrared and ultraviolet radiation entering through the windows into your car.



Everyone enjoys a little friendly sunshine at the park, but on the road it becomes overbearing and harsh. Fortunately, that problem is easily fixed with our metallized window tints. They have a fantastic look, plus added protection against the sun’s most unwelcome side effects: untouchably hot surfaces, damage from extended exposure, and AC that just can’t keep up. You’ll appreciate the variety of charcoal shades as much as the sun-taming technology of our metallized tints. They’re a micro-thin layer of advanced technology that’s a major upgrade in style and comfort.
You can be confident in the tint’s ability to stand the test of time. It’s a non-reflective, rich black that’s backed by manufacturer’s limited lifetime warranty, including protection against fading and block’s 99% of harmful UV rays.

Pricing From: $399*


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